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Winter wellbeing: Maintain your mental wellbeing this winter
Tuesday, 8 December · 2 min read

The winter months can be challenging, as a drop in temperature can lead to a drop in your mood.

This year, more than ever, it’s harder to reach out to people and meet face to face, which when added to the cold weather and dark nights may leave you feeling more isolated.

But there are things you can do to look after your mental wellbeing this winter. Here are 5 simple and fun suggestions to help you get started.

Get out early
Sunlight is said to help release a chemical in your brain called serotonin, which can boost your mood and make you feel calm. Embrace the daylight hours by getting out early. Go for a morning stroll or take a walk at lunchtime.

Get cosy
Make friends with the dark cold winter evenings by seeing them as an opportunity to relax and recharge. Curl up with a book, try a new recipe or take up a new hobby – whatever helps you unwind.

Be socially creative
Whether you want to stay in touch with friends and family, meet new people or try dating, there are many ways for you to socialise safely with others. Get creative about it. Watch a movie with someone in separate locations while talking to each over the phone. Or if you want to meet in person, go for a walk together. Just remember to follow social distancing guidelines.

Stick to your fitness routine
It can be tempting to do less exercise in winter, but regular working out often is important for your mental wellbeing. If lockdown has disrupted your usual routine of going to the gym, why not try a virtual exercise class? You could use it as a chance to socialise and invite a friend to do it with you.

Get a winter project
A great way to use your time indoors is to make a to-do list of projects to do at home. This could be clearing out your wardrobe, sorting out your shelves or organising old photos. It could also be a chance to try something creative like painting, knitting or sewing. Try to finish the task and remember to reward yourself afterwards with some relaxation time.

Quote of the day

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.

Anton Chekhov, playwright

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