Shake up how you cook for healthier meals
Tuesday, 9 March · 2 min read

Did you know there’s more to healthy eating than just choosing good food?

Some cooking methods, like deep-fat frying and pan frying, not only remove nutrients from your food but also increase how much fat is in your meals.

Try these healthier cooking techniques:


It takes a bit more time, but baking can be a healthier way to cook as it requires little or no oil. You can bake most foods – including meat, fish and vegetables – either uncovered in a pan or dish, or wrapped in greaseproof paper or foil to help keep food moist.


Roasting is a lot like baking but uses higher temperatures and foods are cooked uncovered in the oven. Again, you need little or no oil to cook food this way. It’s a good idea to use a rack inside a roasting pan, as this allows the natural fat in food to drip away while it’s cooking.


Steaming is a really easy cooking method that requires no extra oil or fat and is one of the best ways to maintain the nutrients, texture and taste of your food. It’s a great way to cook fish and vegetables – you can add even more flavour by seasoning the water you’re using to steam the food in.

Other healthy methods of cooking include searing, sautéing, poaching, braising and boiling.

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