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Can’t stop sneezing? You could have a winter allergy
Wednesday, 9 December · 1 min read

We often associate sneezing in the summer with allergies like hay fever, but allergies can also strike during the winter months.

Mould, dust mites or pet dander in the house can all trigger them, and they may get worse in winter because you’re spending more time indoors.

You should suspect an allergy if you’re sneezing and you also have:

  • a runny nose
  • an itchy nose, eyes, ears or throat
  • a rash on your skin
  • a cough
  • watering eyes

These symptoms can feel like a cold or flu, but if they really are caused by a winter bug, they should clear up within a week or 2. Allergy symptoms, however, may go on for many months.

You’re also more likely to have achy muscles with cold and flu.

If you have symptoms that don’t seem to be getting better after a few weeks, see a doctor.

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How to help prevent winter allergy symptoms
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