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Getting pregnant means your ovaries need to release eggs (ovulating) for sperm to fertilise. But how can you tell when your body is ovulating?

You’re unlikely to know for sure if you’re ovulating without seeing a doctor. But your body experiences various changes when it ovulates, which can cause certain signs and symptoms in some women.

Take our quiz to find out if your body is showing any of these signs.

Please note that this quiz is not diagnostic, it is for information purposes only. If you have any concerns about your health, please see a medical professional.

Are you having regular periods?

Having regular periods is a sign your body is releasing eggs as normal.

This means you have roughly the same length of time between each period. Irregular periods may arrive early or late.


Does your basal body temperature (how warm you are at rest) rise each cycle?

Your basal body temperature can rise slightly after ovulation. Taking your body temperature at the same time every morning may help you spot this small spike and understand your cycle better.

But bear in mind that a rise in body temperature doesn't guarantee you're ovulating.


Is your cervical mucus wet and slippery?

Fluid produced by the cervix (cervical mucus) may become wet and slippery around the time of ovulation. It may look and feel like raw egg white.


Are you unable to reach your cervix?

The position of your cervix may change over your menstrual cycle and rise higher during ovulation, which makes it harder to reach.

Checking your cervix on a regular basis can help you know when it has moved higher up, but bear in mind this doesn’t guarantee you’re ovulating.


Do your breasts feel tender?

Some women find their breasts become tender and sore during ovulation.

This doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’re ovulating, but it may help you keep aware of changes during your cycle.


Do you have lower tummy pain in the middle of your cycle?

Some women experience pain in their lower tummy in the middle of their menstrual cycle. Studies suggest this can happen just before ovulation, but it’s not necessarily enough to guarantee you’re ovulating.


Is your sex drive higher than normal?

Some women feel more sexual desire just before ovulation, and may even appear more attractive to other people.

But it’s important to remember that other factors can also boost your libido or reduce it, so it’s not a guaranteed sign you’re ovulating.


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