What is chancroid?

29th January, 2021 • 1 min read

Chancroid is a sexually-transmitted bacterial infection (STI) that causes ulcers on and around the genitals. It’s not very common in Europe and North America.

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If you have chancroid, it’s likely that the ulcers will hurt. You may also notice you have swollen lymph glands around your groin.

How is chancroid diagnosed?

A doctor will usually examine your genitals to help diagnose chancroid.

They may also take a sample of fluid from the ulcers to send to a lab for tests, and you may need blood tests to check for other STIs.

How is chancroid treated?

If you have chancroid, you’ll typically need antibiotics to treat the infection. You'll also need to avoid having sex until you and your partner have been fully treated.

If you have infected lymph nodes in your groin and these have swollen up, a doctor may use a needle to drain some fluid from them.

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