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**The more data you share, the more helpful we can be in managing your health.

**To safeguard your privacy, we process your health data with the help of identifiers that change every time you use the symptom checker, meaning that we are not able to recognise you or if you return to use this Service.

**With your consent, we will personalise your experience and show you relevant ads by linking identifiershaha with your health data.


To enable you to learn information about your health, we process the health data (e.g. symptoms, health history, vital signs) you share with us.

For example, when you enter your symptoms in the symptom checker we process this information to help you identify the possible causes of your reported symptoms.

We will do this with the help of identifiers, such as consultation ID.


To inform you about third-party health and wellbeing providers that might help we will show you personalised ads.

For example, when the possible cause in the assessment outcome (Report) is anxiety, we will show you ads for meditation services providers. **We will never share your health data with advertisers.

For this purpose, we will use your health data (possible condition within the Report) and your location (not specific enough to identify a street) and link this information with the help of identifiers (one or multiple ad zone ID) to show you ads.