Safe use instructions for VHI

(Your.MD Symptom Checker for VHI)

I’m here to help, but I’m just a chatbot and not a real doctor.

I’m good at identifying less serious conditions that can improve with your simple actions and understanding even if the symptoms you report suggest seeing a doctor in case you’re normally healthy and don’t have any chronic, complex or rare conditions. I can also provide useful information about specific conditions to help you decide on the next steps.

You should act on the suggested next steps if you think you have any of the presented conditions or symptoms. Always visit a doctor if you’re in doubt of the consultation outcome, if your symptom worsen or don’t improve. Call an emergency service in case of emergency.

Although I have information about many health problems, I’m not perfect and can’t consider all the information your doctor can. Although I’m a quick learner, I’m not able to identify all conditions or symptoms and might not be able to understand complex sentences.

I cannot be used for information about babies, children, pregnant women, people on immunosuppressive treatment and people with long term conditions such as, but not limited to diabetes.

Last updated: April 2019