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Healthily and Best Practice AI publish world’s first AI Explainability Statement reviewed by the ICO

17 September 2021

LONDON, Fri 17th Sep, 2021 - One of the world’s leading AI smart symptom checkers has taken the groundbreaking decision to publish a statement explaining how it works.

Healthily, supported by Best Practice AI together with Simmons & Simmons and Jacob Turner of Fountain Court Chambers today publish the first AI Explainability Statement to have been reviewed by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The Healthily AI Explainability Statement explains how Healthily uses AI in its app including why AI is being used, how the AI system was designed and how it operates.

The statement, which can be viewed here, provides a non-technical explanation of the Healthily AI to its customers, regulators and the wider public.

Around the world, there is a growing regulatory focus and consensus around the need for transparent and understandable AI. AI Explainability Statements are public-facing documents intended to provide transparency, particularly so as to comply with global best practices and AI ethical principles, as well as binding legislation. AI Explainability Statements such as this are intended to facilitate compliance with Articles 13, 14, 15 and 22 of the GDPR for organisations using AI to process personal data. The lack of such transparency has been at the heart of recent EU court cases and regulatory decisions, involving Uber and Ola in the Netherlands and Foodinho in Italy.

Healthily, a leading consumer digital healthcare company, worked with a team from the AI advisory firm, Best Practice AI, the international law firm Simmons & Simmons, and Jacob Turner from Fountain Court Chambers to create the first AI Explainability Statement in the sector.

They also engaged with the ICO. A spokesperson for the ICO confirmed:

“In preparing its Explainability Statement, Healthily received feedback from the UK’s data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the published Statement reflects that input.

It is the first AI Explainability Statement which has had consideration from a regulator.

The ICO has welcomed the Healthily publication of its Explainability Statement as an example of how organisations can practically apply the guidance on Explaining Decisions Made With AI.”

Matteo Berlucchi, CEO of Healthily said:

“We are proud to continue our effort to be at the forefront of transparency and ethical AI use for our global consumer base. It was great to work with Best Practice AI on this valuable exercise.”

Simon Greenman, Partner at Best Practice AI, said:

“Businesses need to understand that AI Explainability Statements will be a critical part of rolling out AI systems that retain the necessary levels of public trust. We are proud to have worked with Healthily and the ICO to have started this journey.”

To learn more about how Best Practice AI, Simmons & Simmons LLP, and Jacob Turner from Fountain Court Chambers built the AI Explainability Statement, please contact us below.

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About Healthily

Healthily is the first AI healthcare platform to put self-care at the heart of healthcare, with a mix of user-friendly health tools, an award winning app and a Smart Symptom Checker, one of the most accurate and advanced symptoms checkers in the world coupled with medical-grade information all approved by the Healthily Clinical Advisory Board.

The first self-care platform registered as a Class 1 Medical Device, Healthily helps anyone, anywhere decide when to see a doctor and how to manage wellbeing safely at home.

The Healthily AI platform is also licensed to telemedicine companies, health insurers, national health services and big pharma to help them scale their services more cost effectively. All part of the Healthily mission to help one billion people find their health through informed self-care. For more information visit

About Best Practice AI Ltd

Best Practice AI is a London based AI management consultancy that advises corporates, start-ups and investors on AI strategy, implementation, risk and governance. The firm is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and work on the WEF's Empowering AI Leadership Board Toolkit and AI Governance Frameworks. They are on the WEF’s Global AI Council and the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on AI’s Enterprise Adoption Task Force. The firm publishes the world’s large library of AI case studies and use cases at

About Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons is an international law firm with a dedicated AI Group and extensive data protection compliance experience. The firm has around 280 partners and 1300 staff working in Asia, Europe and the Middle East across 21 offices in 19 countries.They work across Asset Management & Investment Funds, Financial Institutions, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Telecoms, Media & Technology (TMT). For more information visit

About Jacob Turner and Fountain Court Chambers

Jacob Turner is a barrister at Fountain Court Chambers with AI and data protection experience. He is the author of Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence. He advises governments, regulators and businesses on AI regulation.

Fountain Court Chambers is a leading commercial chambers with expertise across financial and commercial disputes, regulatory proceedings and commercial crime.


Tim Gordon or Matteo Berlucchi, CEO,

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Helen Griffiths
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For more information on ICO guidelines for explaining decisions made with AI visit

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