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Healthily™ Cold, Flu and Covid checker pilot launches on

26 January 2022

Health AI specialists Healthily™ has launched a new digital service pilot to help shoppers distinguish between cold, flu and covid symptoms and find the right remedies for their cold and flu symptoms on Walmart’s website at

The medically verified Cold, Flu and Covid AI Checker is free to use and follows the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Users of the Healthily™ Cold, Flu and Covid checker will be able to click on the checker, put in their symptoms and get information on what to do next.

Healthily™ was the creator of the world’s first medically verified smart symptom checker covering all common medical conditions. The company's vision is to give a billion people the knowledge they need to safely self-care or seek appropriate treatment.

Matteo Berlucchi, CEO and Co-founder of Healthily, added:

“Our goal is to enable the individual to take control of their health by providing accurate, medically validated and personalized health information that people can act on. Through this collaboration we are excited to bring our technology to Walmart customers.”

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Editor’s Notes

The AI Cold, Flu and Covid AI Condition Checker service is live at and is supported by a digital marketing campaign.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines self-care as: “The ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a health-care provider. Self-care is the biggest opportunity to improve healthcare with existing public and private systems struggling to deliver even basic services to the community.”

Statistics Editor’s notes

● According to Walmart consumer insight data, 1 in 4 families worry about the cost of a doctor visit and 1 in 3 don’t seek care because of cost and complexity
On average, 8% of the U.S. population gets sick from flu each season, with a range of between 3% and 11%, depending on the season
Every $1 spent on over the counter (OTC) products saves $7 in the US Healthcare System –

About Healthily

Healthily is the first AI healthcare platform to put self-care at the heart of healthcare, with a mix of user-friendly health tools, an award winning app and a Smart Symptom Checker, one of the most accurate and advanced symptom checkers in the world guided by the Healthily Clinical Advisory Board.

The first self-care platform self-registered as a Class 1 Medical Device, Healthily provides medically safe information that helps anyone, anywhere decide on the best next steps and how to manage wellbeing safely at home.

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