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Healthily named UserTesting 2020 Illumi Award Winner at Human Insight World

13 October 2020

LONDON, UK – October 13, 2020

Healthily, the self-care app by Your.MD has been named a UserTestingⓇ illumi award winner at Human Insight World 2020 (#HiWorld20), UserTesting’s virtual customer conference, and one of the largest online gatherings of experience professionals. The HiWorld™ conference brings together UX researchers, designers, marketers, and product managers from some of the world’s leading brands to learn, share, and discuss how to create great experiences using real human insight to drive the decision-making process.

Healthily is the first medically trusted app that helps anyone, anywhere understand their health and what to do next. Whether you’re unwell or want to boost your wellbeing, individuals can manage their health with practical tools and insights, all approved by the Healthily Clinical Advisory Board. At the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Healthily launched the Daily Drop-In to help people navigate the situation with clinically approved tips and explainers. Constant testing ensures our UX and design teams develop and build features today’s audiences need.

“Live Conversation in the platform has been an incredibly useful tool for the product team. Being able to communicate with people in real time, gauge their emotions and derive insightful themes, especially in the time of COVID, has enabled us to build a better product” Justin Berkovi, Your.MD CPO.

The UserTesting illumi Awards were created to inspire the world to think about human insights as a key ingredient for customer experience excellence, product and marketing innovation, and organizational success. The illumi awards recognize and celebrate those who use the UserTesting Human Insight Platform to make a meaningful difference in these areas. Two hundred and fifty-three organizations entered award submissions this year, resulting in winners with remarkable stories of success and impact.

“It is truly an honor to have such amazing customers who continue to set the bar when it comes to using human insight to gain understanding of and empathy for their customers,” said Andy MacMillan, CEO of UserTesting. “Being able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and understand their perspective is critical to long-term business success. It is those companies that value the power of human insight and use them to pivot and adapt that will come out on top.”

About Healthily
Healthily is a free app from Your.MD that puts self-care at the heart of healthcare, with a mix of user-friendly health tools and content all approved by the Healthily clinical advisory board. The only self-care app registered as a Class 1 Medical Device, Healthily helps anyone, anywhere decide when to see a doctor and how to manage wellbeing safely at home. All part of Your.MD’s mission to help a billion people find their health through informed self-care.

Healthily platform tools:
1. ASSESS: Our friendly chatbot helps you decide if you need to see a doctor. Tell it how you feel and its Augmented Intelligence recommends the best next steps for your symptoms – including self-care for issues you can treat at home.
2. LEARN: Our Health Library, sourced from the UK’s National Health Service, completed by our own medical team, is the simplest, safest and most comprehensive in the world. Includes the up-to-date guidance and information on coronavirus (COVID-19).
3. TRACK: Our user-friendly, secure health journal and symptom trackers help you keep track of your health and store notes, in complete privacy.
4. FIND: We’ve created OneStop Health™ Marketplace, the first vetted directory of healthcare products and services offered by other companies. So you can speak to a doctor, find a medicine or discover the best apps for you.
5. MANAGE: We’re also building self-care hubs to help you manage and improve specific health areas or conditions.

About UserTesting
UserTesting enables every organization to deliver the best customer experience powered by human insight. With UserTesting’s on-demand Human Insight Platform, companies across industries make accurate customer-first decisions at every level, at the speed business demands. With UserTesting, product teams, marketers, digital, and customer experience executives, designers and UX researchers confidently and quickly create the right experiences for all target audiences, increasing brand loyalty and revenue. UserTesting has more than 1,500 subscription customers, including more than half of the world’s top brands, and has delivered human insights to over 35,000 companies to-date. UserTesting is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. To learn more, visit

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