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My Menopause Story: New platform aims to support with menopause stigma

10 November 2021

  • Online healthcare platform, Healthily, aims to support women experiencing menopause symptoms by launching ‘My Menopause Story”.
  • The platform provides an anonymous experience for those going through menopause to share their story, along with tips and advice for those that may be going through something similar.
  • Women share their best self-care tips below.

Most women will experience menopause between the ages of 45-55 so why is it still stigmatised? And why do so many people suffer in silence?

Studies reveal that 45% of those experiencing menopause symptoms find them distressing and the stigma (which impacts work life and social life) further agitates the already distressing symptoms.

The new online platform, My Menopause Story acts as a helpful space for people to tell their menopause stories anonymously, share tips and advice, and find comfort in other women’s similar experiences.

What’s your story?

Operated by Healthily, the platform allows users to share their experience with menopause with anonymity.

Women will be asked to share their story, as well as provide details on what they would tell their younger self and what self-care tips they would give for other women experiencing menopause.

Stories from women themselves

The platform will allow users to filter by the symptoms they are experiencing, before providing others with useful information.

As well as this, women will also be able to report the age at which symptoms appeared and what those symptoms were, one user reported the below:

“From the age of 47, irritable, flushing of the face, insomnia, mood swings, missed or irregular periods, multiple joint pain, muscle pain, night sweats and breast pain.”

Not only does the platform allow for women to discuss their experience with menopause, but it also allows those experiencing menopause to share advice and self-care tips they would have told their younger selves.

Self-care tips for women

The platform has already received a number of entries from women sharing their stories and advice for others, when asked to give self-care tips for others, three women said the below:

“Be kind to yourself - it's a long and rough ride, so please seek out your support networks, educate yourself on the issues and most of all be kind to yourself as it is such a huge change to yourself and your body.”

“Talk to friends, they are probably going through the same thing. Exercise and eat well.”

“It will get better. Don't always settle for the first option, find what works for you. You don't have to suffer in silence.”

Vice President of Marketing, Fred Kisielewski, at Healthily commented on the new tool:
“Going through menopause can be scary, especially when experiencing symptoms for the first time. Having a platform where people can share their story and information on symptoms will hopefully better support other women that are going through similar experiences.

“We are thrilled to see that people have already started sharing their stories and tips for others and really hope it helps other women realise that they’re not going through this alone”.
If you’d like to share your menopause story, you can do so on the ‘Tell Your Story’ page found here:

To learn more about the My Menopause Story platform and how Healthily aims to support women experiencing menopause symptoms, please contact us below.

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