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9 fertility myths

Healthily conducted a survey that showed many are in the dark about their fertility. Read to find out the truth behind some of the most common myths.

Protect your fertility

A healthy lifestyle will help protect your fertility. But female fertility still declines fast after the age of 35.

Getting pregnant with PCOS: how to boost your chances

If you have PCOS and are trying for a baby, discover how PCOS can affect your fertility, how to improve your chances of getting pregnant and what treatments are available for you.


In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is one of several techniques available to help couples with fertility problems to have a baby.

Cancer and fertility

Find out ways to help preserve your fertility before you start your cancer treatment.

Could you get pregnant any time you have sex?

It’s possible to get pregnant any time you ovulate (release an egg) – even if it’s your first time having sex and even if you’ve never had a period. Learn the facts about your monthly ‘fertility window’.

Nutrition for pregnancy: Fertility foods and fertility supplements

Trying to get pregnant? Find out which nutrients, supplements and foods might help improve your fertility.

Male fertility tests: what are the options and how do they work?

Male fertility tests range from blood tests to biopsies. If you’re considering one, read on to find out what kind might be suitable for you.

Unexplained infertility: Definition, diagnosis and treatment

Not everyone who has fertility problems will find a reason for not getting pregnant. Learn about unexplained infertility, including tests and treatment options.

Does endometriosis cause infertility?

Discover what endometriosis is, how it can affect your fertility, and whether it’s possible to get pregnant if you have it.