How to stay motivated

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More tips from real-life slimmers

Keep a photo diary

From Carrie Sorrell, 20, from Hertfordshire. Lost 28kg (four and a half stone).

"I asked my partner to take photographs of me in my underwear and kept a photo diary. It meant I could see what I really looked like underneath my clothes. I also recorded my measurements, targets and feelings. It was a great way to keep motivated as I saw the pounds and inches disappearing."

Track weight loss monthly, not weekly

From Wendy Jenks, 38, from Eastleigh, Hampshire. Lost 24kg (three stone 11lbs).

"One thing I was told stuck in my mind: it's a good idea to consider your weight loss over a month rather than getting disheartened after a disappointing week."

Find ways to walk

From Karen Baird, 31, from Shepshed, Leicestershire. Lost 25kg (over four stone).

"I used to hate the fact that I seemed to be constantly going up and down the stairs. Now I see it as a leg-toning exercise. I also walk a couple of miles a day with the children instead of always using the car. It's good for me, them and the environment."

Visualise the new you

From Karen Thompson, 28, from Bedford. Lost 32kg (five stone).

"I used to meditate and visualise the new, slimmer me. I would imagine myself wearing a brand new dress or a tight pair of jeans and feeling great. Not only did it relax me, but it really helped me stay focused."

Set small, achievable targets

From Sonia Nurse, 34, from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Lost 54kg (eight and a half stone).

"I know how soul-destroying it can be to think how far you've got to go, so my advice is to set little targets along the way, such as the next half-stone or dress size. That's what worked for me."

Get sponsored

From Amanda Richards, 35, from Sussex. Lost 19kg (three stone).

"I signed up to run a 5km race. I got loads of people to sponsor me and it was for a charity that meant a lot to me. I knew I had to get fit to run the race and I couldn't let everyone down, so I had the perfect reason to stay motivated."

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