Worried about your symptoms?

Don’t waste time searching online... Designed with doctors, our Smart Symptom Checker can give you a plan of action in just 3 minutes.

Worried about your symptoms?
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How it works

Our Smart Symptom Checker provides fast and useful information in 3 easy steps.

Enter your symptoms

Use your own words to describe how you’re feeling - you can add as many symptoms as you want.

Answer some simple questions

Our AI system will ask questions about your symptoms to narrow down what it could be – just like a doctor would.

Find out your next steps

Receive a report with a list of possible causes and suggested next steps to support your decision.

What you’ll get

You'll feel confident and will be able to create a clear plan on what to do

A personal report

Handy to share with your doctor, or keep for future reference

Clear information

To help you decide next steps: self care, pharmacy or doctor

Peace of mind

Find out what your symptoms could mean and what actions you could take.

Who are Healthily?

Our mission is to help a billion people find their health through self-care. In 2015, we started developing health tools that we've been improving ever since. Our Smart Symptom Checker has been developed with our in-house medical team and guidance of our independent clinical advisory board.

Who are Healthily?

What others are saying

Our Smart Symptom Checker has supported over 3 million people like you.

"Site easy to use. Questions easy to answer. Useful advice. Thank you."
“Got me to face up to the problem and try see a doctor. Thank you.”
"Put my mind at ease, as I feel that worrying makes things worse... so, thank you."

Safety in numbers

anonymous – we don’t keep hold of any of your health data.

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Using smart tech to help you self-care

Our Smart Symptom Checker uses a combination of advanced AI and user-friendly design to bring medical knowledge out of the clinic and into everyday life. We tailor our response for your needs – a report, more questions, or great content to read...

Using smart tech to help you self-care